Nightlife in Pylos

Famous beaches, historic castles, Mycenaean palaces, an important wetland
and princely hospitality – all packaged in an ideal holiday destination.

Clubs & Bars

World widely known for its unique and multidimensional nightlife, Greece is an ideal destination for those who want to have fun. The large region of Peloponnese is mostly a peaceful romantic place. In every corner of Peloponnese, visitors will find traditional taverns with delicious recipes and local wine. Prefer taverns by the seaside or up on the hills, as they offer the best views. These taverns are fantastic options for a romantic and peaceful night out.

For something more vivid, you can enjoy a nice drink in the many lounge bars in the beach resorts of Peloponnese that usually stay open till 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. If you are looking for Nightlife in Peloponnese, there are certain regions famous for the night parties. Pylos and Kalamata have many clubs that stay open till the early hours.